Holiday Gift! $100 off shipping with purchase of bicycle in December 2010!

Looking for a Holiday gift? How about one of our hand built bicycles from Holland, Germany, Italy and soon to come Denmark. These gifts are not only beautiful to look at  but more importantly a vehicle that can transport your kids, groceries and cargo without spending a dime on gas, insurance, stress or maintenance not to mention not having to own spandex. See a recent article in the SF Chronicle  for holiday gift ideas. To think we are considered a luxury item. I would say more an investment that will last a life time.

Gift or not here are some other reasons our customers ride a bike. Riding is Healthy, Green and Perfect transportation for many cities in the U.S.

Josh Boisclair-”It is very gratifying to accomplish those rare feats by bicycle like hauling a few hundred pounds of stuff, moving by bicycle, transporting other bicycles by bicycle, etc. The bicycle as a machine is actually quite remarkable.”

Dennis Budd- “ No other man-made invention gives me more joy on a daily basis then the bike… Personally, I ride because it is FUN, practical, faster than the alternatives, makes my heart work and keeps me feeling youthful.”

John Calaway-”Biking around SF everyday is a great experience as the city is blessed with incredible natural and cultural beauty that is often best appreciated self-propelled, either walking or on foot.”

Brenda Pitts-” I needed: a sturdy, durable bicycle that would protect my clothing and that would allow me to carry heavy loads to and from my office…”

Photo of Brenda Pitts by Meli Burgueno

Kristin Tieche-”The bike lane gives me a direct route to feeling free and vibrant… I fill my lungs with air and take in all the sights and sounds of my bustling community…  And parking is never an issue – it’s always door to door service!

Come by our store and see our beautifully handcrafted bicycles imported directly from Europe. We can even add a dutch clog to your keychain!