Accessories- Yakkay, Nutcase, Clarijs, J2T, Basil, Yepp and more

From baskets to panniers and from yakkay helmets to baby seats, we have the accessories to dress up your bike and make it more utilitarian. Whether it is a Dutch bicycle or a mountain/road bike, we have the stuff! Drop by or contact us.

Baskets: Basil, Nantucket, and other baskets, including a dog carrier! Starting at $59

Child seats: Brands from Bobike to GMG to Yepp! Starting at $115

Bells: “Ring-Ring, Ding-Dong, Tring-Trang, Rang-Rang”. Starting at $15.99

Retrovelo Frame Bag: German-made, stylish and functional in black or brown. $499

Seat covers: Protect your seat with these seat covers from Holland. Starting at $20

Bicycle Saddles: Brook’s leather saddles and gel seats from Holland. Starting at $65

Locks: Dutch AXA wheel locks, chains, and other high quality locks. Starting at $59

Front & rear racks: Starting at $49 for the rear rack and $112 for the front rack.

Panniers & bags: Brands like J2T, Clarijs, Po Campo, Basil and others. Starting at $29

Yakkay and Nutcase Helmets: Many styles and colors! Starting at $50

Bakfiets canopy & cover: Clarijs Canopies for $299 and covers $165in various colors

Crates: We carry crates handmade in Chicago and locally. Starting at $79

Fenders & chainguards: Protects you from grease and dirt. Starting at $55

Lights: Be safe at night! We have several styles that we can install. Starting at $12.99

Tires: All types including 28″ Traditional Rod Brake Roadster (700B, 28×1½″, 635×40mm) $45

GMG Yepp child seats and accessories

GMG Yepp child seats and accessories

Basket brands including Basil, Nantucket, and others

Bobike, GMG, and other child seats in stock

Many bells available including the famous "Ding-Dong"!

Probably the hottest bag available: the Retrovelo Frame Bag

Protect your leather seat or just keep it dry with a cover

We have many seats, including "skirt seats" and Brooks saddles

The perfect combination: AXA wheel lock with chain

We can install a front rack on pretty much ANY bike!

Carry more with colorful European panniers

Carry your child in front of you. Also available for a diamond frame!

Many helmet styles and colors available in the store

Keep your kids (or groceries) dry with a canopy

Please email us with any questions regarding availability or installation of accessories