Paula & Klara

From kindergarten to the office, shopping at the market, from the hairdresser to a café, getting the kids to their grandparents right after a glass of champagne with the girlfriend, rushing to the theater with her loved one — 24 hours is far too short a day for the modern woman. But without PAULA it would be much shorter. With her 8-speed internal gear hub (Klara has a 3-speed) PAULA overcomes each distance in no time. Along the way she provides a relaxed and upright position and thus a very comfortable ride in every situation. No distance too far, no burden too heavy — whether the kindergarten, before or after shopping — rack or basket hold the head and hands free for the essentials. What may they be? A PAULA-rider experiences it every day.

Paul & Klaus

PAUL is not a bike for eating up miles, but for relaxed and enjoyable cultured excursions. His extravagant fork crown looks like the grille of an Art Deco legend one would approach respectfully. Wide handlebars offer a relaxed position and give the sovereign sense of security on every surface. The upright, active posture ensures good vision of the passing scenery.

Handlebars, arm and shoulder form a circle that subtly highlights the rider’s position. We also test PAUL behind the scenes with the most current technology. The steel frame absorbs major bumps in the road effectively and small vibrations are transformed into the humming of your balloon tires. You will feel like sauntering to an opera premiere — even if it’s only on the way to work. Paul has an 8-speed internal gear hub and Klaus has a 3-speed.


  • frame sizes: 52 cm (20.5″) Paula/Klara, 57 cm (22.5″) Paul/Klaus
  • Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal gear hub, Klaus and Klara have a 3-speed hub
  • Shimano roller brake front and rear
  • Shimano hub generator
  • Busch & Müller LUMOTEC retro chromed head light
  • Busch & Müller LED-seculite chromed tail light
  • Brooks leather saddle B67s / B68s
  • ESGE centre stand
  • stainless steel fenders




Otto Solo with rear rack

Paul Alfine coming down Mt. Tam

Klara with baby seat

Paul & Paula



Klara detail

Otto detail

Retrovelo bike bag

Klara detail

Klara & Klaus $1999, Paula & Paul $2299 Rear Rack Option $180- Please call 415.420.9649 or Email to order