A versatile and low maintenance city or country bicycle, Velorbis makes top quality sit-up-straight Dutch style bicycles with a stylish and iconic aesthetic that reflects the elements of world-renowned Danish design and cool Copenhagen cycling culture. Velorbis supports global urban sustainability and green transportation initiatives and its aim is to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a stylish two-wheeled approach.

Although Velorbis bicycles are designed in Denmark, their production facility is located in Germany to meet the highest demands. They ONLY use European sourced premium components such as Brooks, SRAM, Sturmey Archer, Rigida (Van Shorthorst) and Bush & Muller. They use the highest quality leather luxury on Velorbis bicycles by Brooks, these exclusive leather components include Brooks saddles, handle grips and mud flaps.

Velorbis bicycles are specially built to resist the tough Scandinavian weather where snow, frost and salt constantly threaten to ruin every component of a bicycle. The models are equipped with zinc-plated mudguards, powder coated and rust protected chromoly steel frames, and stainless steel nuts and bolts. All of these precautionary elements are made at the German factory.

Ideal uses: Commuting, child transport, grocery shopping, café runs, etc.


  • Sizes  (Small Medium & Large)
  • Chromoly steel frame, handmade
  • Shimano Nexus 7 speed
  • Sturmey Archer drum brakes
  • Brooks B67 leather saddle, Brooks leather grips
  • Coat/Skirt Guard
  • Bush & Mueller Lumotec 3W Dynamo driven front lamp
  • Bush & Mueller Lumotec Dynamo driven rear lamp w/parking light


  • Front rack, $199
  • Velorbis leather bag, $450
  • Velorbis crate, $150
Studine Classic

Studine Classic

Student Classic

Victoria Classic

Victoria Classic

Scrap Deluxe

Scrap Deluxe

Churchill Balloon

Churchill Balloon, custom handlebars

Churchill Balloon, custom handlebars

Velorbis leather bag on a Student Classic

Churchill Classic with front rack

Victoria Classic with basket

Studine Classic with crate

Victoria/Gent Classic, Dannenbrog or Balloon: $1995 -$2199 other models available upon request. Please call 415.420.9649 or Email to order